Plateau Of Katharo

The plateau Katharo is situated at a height of 1200 meters, 16 Km from Kritsa's Village. There are only a few houses, where mostly shepherds live. They produce small vegetables and fruit, tasty cheese mostly for their own needs. The electricity here is produced only by generators.

In Katharo there is a very special situation concerning the property of land. All land belongs exclusively to the community of Kritsa and only the permanent residents of Kritsa are allowed to use it, or build in it.

In Katharo you can find three taverns, where you can eat or drink something. The shepherds move their flocks up to the plateau on May 15 and they live there until the first days of November, when the flocks leave the plateau for the lower area of Kritsa. Every year, in winter, heavy snowfall covers all houses. So, the flora and the fauna of Katharo are not so usual.

Tip!! In August, we have two local celebrations every year:

  • On August 6, the celebration of the local church of Afentis Christos (Jesus Christ)
  • The celebration of the Shepherd.

In these two celebrations, visitors have the opportunity to listen to Cretan music (LYRA), eat special local flavors and watch shepherds performing the whole procedure of making cheese and afterwards, they taste it.

So if you are in the area of Kritsa, don’t miss the chance of visiting the Plateau Katharo!!!!!

Plateau of Katharo

Photo Gallery of plateau Katharo