Thirteenth century Byzantine church Kera

This thirteenth century Byzantine church devoted to the praise of Panagia Kera and was dedicated to the assumption of the Virgin. , is probably the best-known Christian monument in Crete.

It is important because of its frescoes, the green and blues and oranges and reds of these frescoes look fresh and bright. Their existence had been hidden for hundreds of years by earlier Christians to avoid their destruction by the Turkish occupiers.

It also has three aisles and a dome construction. Each aisle contains paintings from a different period, representing a different religious theme.

The central aisle, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin, contains the oldest paintings which reflect a mixture of styles. The other two aisles were added on in later periods. The south aisle has the best-preserved paintings. In contrast to the more stylized paintings of the period, these paintings display a tenderness and humanity in their rendering of the story of Anna, the Virgin Mary's mother. The north aisle is dedicated to St. Anthony and has pictures representing the Second Coming.

Although the Venetians occupied Crete during the period, they allowed the Cretans to decorate their churches as they desired. The rare fresco techniques used and the subject matters make the Panagia Kera particularly interesting to visit.

Tip!! You’ll have to pay a small fee to enter the church!!


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